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Generations of Aviation in Central Maryland

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Generations of Aviation
in central Maryland

Carroll County
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Technical Information

The Carroll County Regional Airport is the sixth longest runway in Maryland

The runway is 5100 ft. long and 100 ft. wide.

"Final approach runway 16"


The airport coordinates are:
Latitude:    North   39o 36.49'
Longitude: West 077o 00.46'
Located 3 miles north of the City of Westminster and 6.9 nm from EMI VOR on the 357o Radial.

Runway Details

Runways are identified as 34 and 16
Runways are 5100' x 100' grooved asphalt 
Runway headings of 340o & 160o
Right traffic for Runway 34 and Left traffic for Runway 16. 
Field Elevation is 789 feet


CATF 122.7
GCO 121.725
Twy Lgts 122.7
AWOS 121.25
RCO 122.1 R | 117.9 T -  Leesburg

Carroll County Regional Airport is a modern airport -

  • Pilot Controlled Runway and Taxiway Edge Lighting
  • Rotating Green and White Beacon
  • The Fixed Based Operator (FBO)
  • Self-serve is operational on the field again
  • The four-light PAPI system is operational
  • The GCO on 121.725 (4 distinct 1 second clicks to use)
  • There is currently no flight school  - coming soon!
  • There is currently no aircraft rides at on the airport - coming soon!
  • Courtesy car on the field
  • Aircraft rental
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Aircraft Fuel - Self Serve & Truck delivery
  • Jet-A re-fueling by on-field truck
  • Refueling truck courtesy of the FBO
  • Aircraft taxi & parking assistance
  • Pilot training and Certified Flight Instructors

Aircraft Traffic Pattern Altitude (TPA) Information

Traffic Pattern Altitude (TPA):
   Fixed Wing 1600 MSL (  811 AGL)
   Multiengine 2300 MSL (1511 AGL) 
   Turbo /Jet   2300 MSL (1511 AGL)
Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF) 122.700 Mhz.

Aviation Weather at Carroll County Regional Airport

Automatic Weather Frequency (AWOS-III)
121.250 Mhz. Telephone Weather - dial 410-876-1281

HIWAS - 117.9 EMI

Identification & Lighting

Airport Rotating Beacon (APBN) is Green & White 
APBN operates from Dusk to Dawn or during reduced visibility conditions.  Runway Lighting activation on 122.7 MHz. (5 clicks in 5 sec. to change intensity).  Wind sock located East side mid-field. Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) available. Runway End Identifier Lights (REIL). High Intensity Runway Lights (HIRL)
Training aircraft may be in the pattern and/or practicing. Call position in traffic pattern.
Helicopter and light aircraft may uses grass area West of field - use at own risk.

Aircraft Parking, Tie-down and Hangar

Transient aircraft park adjacent to large corporate hangars.
Training aircraft park directly across from FBO.
Use designated taxi markings when moving aircraft.
Tenants parking located adjacent to FBO
Monthly Tie-downs in front of Hangars
Authorized accompanied quest only on TARMAC
Authorized vehicles only may enter the airport perimeter

Airport Benefits

5100 ft. long by 100 ft. wide grooved asphalt runways

Current Notes, Messages and Changes

GCO is operational.  Instructions are available at FBO

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