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Generations of Aviation in Central Maryland

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Generations of Aviation
in central Maryland

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Brief history of the Airport

The Carroll County Regional Airport (Jack B. Poage Field) is a general aviation airport that started out as a cow pasture about 50 years ago. The airport supported military airlifts during the Korean and Vietnam war and still support the Air National Guard and Maryland Civil Air Patrol.


In the late 50's, airport ownership was transferred from the land owner to the City of Westminster, and the airport was named the Carroll County Airport. Governed by the Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA), the predecessor to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) the airport continued to develop into a fully functional General Aviation (GA) airport by the end of 50's. 

Jack B. Poage, an aviation showman and aircraft owner, who had moved to the Carroll County to relocate his operations continued his career in aviation and performed aerial stunts in his Pitt Bi-plane at numerous local air shows. 


The airport was the home of the M-ASA Soaring Association in the 60's and was the base of the legendary acrobatic pilot Jack B. Poage.


The airport when through some major changes by the end the 70's.  The construction of the Fixed Based Operator facilities and hangars brought aviators and their aircraft to the Carroll County Airport.  The 70's made brought changes to aircraft design, and the airport runway was converted into a paved runway to support these changes.


By the mid-80's, the Carroll County Airport was operating an Aviation Maintenance Facility and Certified Pilot Flight Training Center.  This opened opportunities for future pilots and aircraft owners to used the airport for their all their aviation needs. 


The plans for the airport had also included new runway.  This new commercially designed, 5100 ft.,  runway was completed in the early 90's.  Once the new runway was completed and the new airport was opened as the Carroll County Regional Airport.

During this time of revitalization, the legendary aerobatic showman Jack B. Poage was fatal injured in an aircraft accident while performing one of his well known aerial stunts.  The Carroll County government and aviation supporters honored this aviation showman and pioneer by renaming the airport to the Carroll County Regional Airport, Jack B. Poage Field.

The Carroll County Regional Airport continues to serve the aviation community, pilots and flying enthusiasts.  Pilot training and aviation business is what makes this airport a place for  "Generations of Aviation".

2000's and beyond

In 2002, June Poage wife of the late Jack B. Poage died from long term illness.  The operating FBO - WestAir-II changed ownership and name to WestAir Aviation Corporation.  Under new management, WestAir Aviation Corporation is doing business under the familiar and loyal name of WestAir.  Continuing to provide top quality products and services.

The ramp will be getting bigger and graded level with better parking. There will be new taxiways to the corporate and general aviation hangars. A designated fuel truck parking area, new ramp lighting and a security fence surrounding the entire airport. Delta Air Consultants are returning the DMW to finish these improvements. Lets be patient, considerate and professional while the rehabilitation is in progress.

International Air Support (IAS), Inc., will lead the partnering of Summit Aviation, WestAir and MoBark into a comprehensive turn-key support facility. IAS open a new facility in Corporate Hangar # 4 and will integrate to exiting WestAir Maintenance Facility into IAS's complete turn-key aircraft support system. WestAir will continue to provide flight training and all on field services. Summit Air to bring their superior avionics support to DMW for both commercial and private plane owners. Soon these businesses would close and new service companies would arise. 

As 2003 passes into 2004, Carroll County Airport matures into a major regional airport and business hub for the City of Westminster and Carroll County MD. Very few airports around Washington DC and Baltimore MD have been completely unaffected by security restriction and limitation imposed by 9/11. Carroll County Regional Airport and the County Commissioners were headed in the right direction long before those tragic events forever changed aviation in the United States of America. The airport will soon have a new appearance inside and out, plus new aviation facilities of General and Commercial aircraft owners or operators.

As 2005 ends, new and old join at Carroll County Regional Airport. The new airport renovation project is complete; providing an improved and expanded ramp; security fencing completely around the airport perimeter; an additional FBO, providing corporate jet services. The return of a pilot group, EAA Chapter 1384, to the airport is seen as renewed interest in the recreation pilots. The Carroll County Regional Airport Master Plan, a year long project to produce a twenty year plan to encompass the growth and use of this vital aviation resource.

The Airport Master Plan has been accepted by the develop team and soon Carroll County will review the plan. The FBO is now operated by AeroServices, but retains the WestAir name. The price of Aviation fuel hits another peak high price, as automobile fuel gets within $.70 of 100LL.

In 2007 and 2008 the airport changed FBO's and county management. Aviation fuel prices continue to sky rocket and many General Aviation pilots are grounded due to operating cost.  The County Fuel Farm is not available and a NOTAM is issued. As 2008 comes to a close, aviation fuel prices stabled long enough to have a short dip in price. As the newest and only FBO, SkyTech, Inc - on the field. 


The fuel supplier is now "Phillips 66", providing services through the Self-serve facilities. The Self-serve is operating properly and supported by the FBO. The county continues to push the Airport Plan through many hurdles. Most recently is the Environment challenge. Eventually the Carroll County Airport be become a new generation airport; providing transportation services for manufactures, entertainment, leisure, and the future of aviation in Carroll County. 

You are invited to visit our premier airport facilities and enjoy the wonderful excitement of aviation.


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