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Generations of Aviation in Central Maryland

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Generations of Aviation
in central Maryland

Carroll County
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Aviation Hangars

GA Hangars | Corporate Hangars w/ Office | Tie-down & Leasing

General Aviation Hangers

The Carroll County Regional Airport and FBO hangars available to protect your aviation investment. The general aviation aircraft owner can rent a "T" hangar for Single or Twin engine aircraft.

  Each GA hangar is equip with internal lighting, electrical outlets and completely enclosed with secure steel entry doors.


You want to protect and preserve your investment with the security of steel hangars, conveniently located on the field near self-serve "Phillips 66" and other facilities.

The aviation insurance industry agrees, steel hangars protect aircraft better and this reduces insurance cost.

Hangars are conveniently located  on the field with easy access to the "Phillips 66" self serve pumps, the FBO, aviation maintenance facility, aircraft movement areas, taxiways, and the runway.

Contact the FBO directly for the hangar opportunities and options. Call (410) 876-0353.

Corporate Aviation Hangars

Seven 100 x 100 ft  (10K sq. ft.) corporate hangars available for commuter jet and high performance aircraft.  These spacious hangars are individually attached offices and located adjacent to the runway for easy access.  Adjacent to the transient aircraft parking area.  This means your pilots have room to taxi your aircraft, comfortably board your  passengers prior to departure and after arrival.  Vehicle parking area at entrance to each office.


Hangars Benefits

  • All hangars are constructed from steel
  • "T" hangars, Twin hangars and Corporate hangars
  • Very convenient on the field
  • "T" hangars have powered bi-fold or manual slide doors
  • Sizes available for Single, Multi-engine, and Jet Aircraft
  • Hangars have interior lighting and receptacles
  • All hangars have security doors with lock
  • Security fence area surrounding the airport
  • Two Code Key entry points with audit entry system.
  • All hangars have conditioned floors

Contact the FBO directly for the hangar opportunities and options. Call (410) 876-0353.



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