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Generations of Aviation
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Wings of Freedom - Collings Foundation  | Visiting Aircraft Collings Fondation Web Site

Date & 

The Collins Foundation historical aircraft B-17, B-24, B-25 & P-51C will arrive Westminister, Maryland the afternoon of October 7th, departing there on Friday, October 9th. Following their schedule Click Here
Walk Around
Tour Times: 
Fri - 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM (Arrived, tours started )
Sat -  9:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Sun - 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Mon - Departure around 10 AM  
Tour Prices:  Adult - $12 at the gate
Kids - $6 at the gate (12 & under)*
(* must be in the company of a paid adult guest) 


B-17G, B-24, B-25 & TP-51D
 Location:  Carroll County Regional Airport 
Westminster, MD.
Please use Old Meadowbranch Road
 Directions:  Event and Parking Directions
Carroll County Airport, Wings of Freedom :
Please use Meadow Branch Road from Littlestown Pike (RT-97) North of Westminster Maryland
    Traveling North on Littlestown Pike (RT-97) from Westminster, Maryland drive pass the airport and take the next available road on the left.
    Traveling South on Littlestown Pike (RT-97) towards Westminster, Maryland take the road after Pleasant Valley Road on the right.

There is no general parking at the Airport for this event. Please use Meadow Branch Road
Google Map Search: "type" old Meadow Branch road & Joleen Lane, 21157

(Airport safety is very important - obey all rules and restrictions)

A warm and special thanks to the Collings Foundation, Henry Ercks and family, the Carroll County Regional Airport staff, Civil Air Patrol of MD, the EAA, local VFW posts, our guests and participating volunteers for their assistance during our historic event. 

There are "Static Displays" and "Aircraft Rides" available aboard the B-17G andHENRY G. ERCK III, LOCAL COORDINATOR, 410-688-7412 B-24J. Pilots can receive flight experience aboard the TP-51C. All paid rides and flight experience donations are tax deductible to the Collings Foundation aircraft preservation. 


Click here for directions to the airport. If you plan to arrive in your private aircraft. Contact the FBO before arriving. Your responsible for a flight planning before arriving or departing KDMW. ** Price is based on last update to this web site and is not guaranteed accurate. 

B-17G or B-24 "Flying Fortress"  -  $400/person, all seats
P-51C "Mustang" $2200/person for 30-minute flight experience, P-51C "Mustang"  $3200 for 60-minute* 
*Flight experience is a one on one flight training experience - 

"Wings of Freedom" Historical Aircraft Flight Line

Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress - "Nine-0-Nine"

Wingspan: 103 ft, 9.3 in | Length: 74 ft, 9 in | Height: 19 ft, 1 in  
Empty weight: 36,135 lbs | Maximum weight:  weight 72,000 lbs 
Powerplants: Four 1200 hp Wright R-1820-97 Engines 
Armament: 13 M2 .50" Browning Machine Guns 
Payload: ~6,000 lbs (typical combat load)
Crew: 10 
Maximum Speed: 250 mph
Service Ceiling: 35,000 ft
Range: 2,400 miles 
See a video > Click > B-17G Arrival > Download & Play

North American B-25J Mitchell Bomber - "Tondelayo"
345th Bomb Group, 500th Bomb Squadron, 5th Air Force, WW-II
- - - - - RETURNING THIS YEAR - - - - 

Wingspan: 67 feet, 7 in. | Length: 52 feet, 11 in. | Height :  6 feet, 4 in.  
Empty weight: 19,480 lbs | Maximum weight:  35,000 pounds
Powerplants: 2 1,700 hp Wright R-2600-92 Cyclone radial engines  
Armament: 12 12.7mm machine guns   |   4,000 pounds of bombs  
Crew: 5 to 7  
Maximum Speed:   272 mph
Service Ceiling:   24,200 feet
Range:   1,350 miles

Consolidated B-24J Liberator - "Witchcraft"
467th Bomb Group, 790th Bomb Squadron,

Liberator | B-24 | Consolidated Wingspan: 110 feet | Length: 67 ft, 7 5/8 in. | Height: 18 ft Witchhcraft
Empty weight: 36,500 lbs. | Maximum weight: 65,000 lbs. 
Powerplants: Four 1200 hp Pratt & Whitney R-1830-65 Engines 
Armament: Ten .50 caliber guns
Crew: 10 
Maximum Speed: 290 mph 
Service Ceiling: 28,000 ft
Range: 3,000 miles 

North American TP-51C Mustang - "Betty Jane"

Wingspan: 37 ft | Length: 32 ft 3 in. | Height: 13 ft 8 in. 
Empty weight: 7,450 lbs | Maximum weight: 11,200 lbs 
Powerplants: 1 Packard Merlin V-1650-7 1300 hp 
Armament: Six wing mounted .50 Cal Machine Guns 
Crew: 1 (note: this model allows for a second seat) Betty Jane | P-51C | Legendary |
Maximum Speed: 440 mph 
Ceiling: 30,000 ft 
Range: 1,600 miles
See a video > Click > P-51C Departure > Download & Play

Visiting Aircraft:

Carroll County Regional Airport hosts many aviation events and visiting aircraft. 
You may see military aircraft, experimental, corporate and private planes. 


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